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ATE-600 / ATE-650

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ATE-600 / ATE-650
ATE-600 og ATE-650 er alsidige og stabile borde til Topcon instrumenter. Læs mere>


  • ATE-600 has 3 different table top options
  • Maximum work load of 80 kg
  • Motorized height adjustment


Type ATE-600 and ATE-650
Stroke 200mm
Maximum load 80 kg
Power supply 230 V
Frequency 50 Hz
Motor consumption 460 W
Total power ATE-600 1300 W
Total power ATE-650 900 W
Protection degree IP21
Net weight 25 kg
Electric classification 93/42/CEE


The ATE-600 and ATE-650 are versatile tables for Topcon instruments.

The ATE-600 has a central column and is available with three different table tops. A table top for one instrument, a tabe top for two devices and a V-shape table top for two instruments.

The ATE-650 has a fixed table top with the column on the side.



  • ATE-600_650_leaflet_June2014_Topcon_en.pdf

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  • LR_63853_TOP_Brochure_AIT_ATE_Series_Cover.pdf

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